Model Interview: Vince Talks After A Photo Shoot Held In A Mansion

Vince talks after a photo shoot held in a large home. He is interviewed by his friend who came to the shoot to help…

Interviewer: How did you think you did?

model: I think I did pretty well. You’d be amazed about the… Feels like my body is… Feels like it is not my body. My head is just glued onto it. I just had this little teddy bear and… Which interrupted it.

Interviewer: I know what you are saying. They always steal my body for those… Seven minute abs commercials.

model: That’s six-minute, not seven minute abs.

Interviewer: Exactly.

Interviewer: How cute.

photographer: Are you going to give that teddy bear back to your girlfriend?

model: Probably.

Interviewer: That’s adorable. Not really.

model: Actually, I like it.

model: Now off to the next job site.


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