Model Interview: Travis Talks After A Photo Shoot At A Volleyball Court

Travis talks after a photo shoot at a volleyball court. He explains how he brought sand to add to his arms to simulate a beach scene…

photographer: So, what was the most surprising thing about your photo shoot?

model: Just how quick it went.

photographer: How long did it take?

model: Just seconds. Just about like two minutes and it was over.

photographer: What did you think the shoot would be like before you showed up today?

model: I thought it would be a lot tougher than I thought.

photographer: Why do you think?

model: A lot longer.

photographer: Is it better to shoot when there is like nobody around?

model: Yeah. It was a lot less distractions here.

photographer: What do you think about people walking by, or jogging or walking their dog or something?

model: Would be kind of strange. I don’t know.

photographer: Good. What do your parents think of all this?

model: I don’t know yet. We’ll find out.

photographer: So, how did you get the sand effect on your photo, on your arms?

model: We stole this sand from a sand volleyball net and we got it on campus, right by more dorms, so we put it on with baby oil.

photographer: Did you put baby oil on first?

photographer: And what’s the idea with sand o your body? What’s it supposed to look like?

model: Its sort of to look like I fell during a play or something.

photographer: But where are you actually shooting the photo at?

model: Where? At a grass volleyball net. I don’t know.

photographer: and there is no sand around.

model: yes, no sand.

photographer: Cool. Alright, what’s the most interesting thing about your photo shoot? Can you say?

model: I don’t know.

photographer: The one most interesting thing about it… you can remember.

model: I got nothing.


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