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Shawn Petrovich

Shawn is a photographer who has photographed more than 1000 young women and men since beginning his career. As official photographer for Campus Men, he has developed an expertise for making model's muscles appear larger than in real life and showing off the model's assets while hiding his weak areas. Shawn takes especial delight whenever the grandmother of a student he photographs love's the student's photo and shows all her friends. In contributing to the ShootPrep model training site, Shawn says, "Students are surprised how much planning goes into creating a pro photo shoot. Photos that appear on magazine covers do not just happen because someone showed up with a camera. There was a lot of planning."


Kevin signed on with us, but did not have a muscular chest. However, we saw that his physical assets were his legs and back, so we designed a pose where his back was to the camera and his face was shown through a mirror. This emphasized his assets, but did not show his underdeveloped chest.


We met Brad. Girls thought Brad had a great smile and nice butt. Brad was born with a congenital condition that caused his chest to be concave. So, we planned a pose in a hammock where he laid on his chest – so his chest was not shown.


Steve had played Lacrosse in high school and coached middle school students in the sport. So, we worked with Steve to plan a photo with a Lacrosse theme. He was photographed next to bleachers, wearing only a jock, while holding a Lacrosse stick.