Posing in wet underwear allows models to appear sexy without appearing sleazy

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

When a model wears a wet T-shirt his abs and pecs cling to his shirt. Wearing wet briefs is a way to show off, without going to far.

Is wearing wet underwear for you? Maybe. Maybe not. Some models wish to show more than others. Wet underwear is a great way to show off without being too sleazy.

Wet fabric can make the model's crotch more visible and appear larger. Wet underwear can create an awesome photo if the photo is handled tastefully.

Here is an assistant wetting down pants so the models' legs and crotch are more visible through the thick fabric.

For a photo under an outdoor shower, this model wore white shorts that became see-thru when wet. The resulting photo became very popular with women.

Don posed in white underwear which became see-thru when wet. It was chosen for the cover of a calendar.

A model needs to be a very bold guy to wear wet underwear! If you are bold like the model who appeared in this shoot, you can use your boldness to get Creating a professional profile. Creating a professional profile provides you an opportunity to build a fanbase on the Internet.