Temporary Penis Enlargement Trick When Posing In Underwear

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Some college guys feel uncomfortable talking about penis size. Women may not admit it, when seeing a photo of a male in underwear, the size of a model's package is the first thing they look at. A penis is an important part of a fantasy photograph. The crotch is an important aspect of a complete masculine, virile and "good potential mate" image. Girls "size" you up.

Just as college guys want pectorals, biceps or abs bigger on film, they also don't want their penis to appear small. Some photo shoot locations can make a guy's penis see smaller than normal.

Penis Can Flatten When Laying Down

Take for example the model who appears below. Splattered from head to toe with various colored paint, he wore white bikini-style underwear and posed lying on his back. Gravity pulled his penis and scrotum down between his thighs, making his briefs appear flat in the photo. You do not see a "bulge" in his underwear. The model was fairly well endowed, but this fact was not evident in the photo because he was laying on his back.

male model crotch

Cold Makes Crotches Appear Smaller

Cool temperatures, water and stress also can cause a guy's testicles to recess toward his body and make his crotch look smaller. Unfortunately, cold studios and early morning outdoor shoots are often cold. This can make a guy's crotch appear smaller on film than it actually is. There are ways to combat this problem. It is no secret that penis enlargement during photo shoots can be a male model's secret weapon.

Stuffing Doesn't Work

Stuffing a sock in underwear for penis enlargement does not appear natural. Socks only appear natural when the male model is wearing clothing made of thick fabric, such as jeans.

Solution: Velcro Strap Boosts Penis and Testicles

Some male underwear models and strippers wear a strap wrapped around their penis and testicles that makes their penis seem appear larger inside underwear.

Before and after wearing a cock ring

The strap offers support and pushes the penis and testicles upward and out -- making a the crotch appear larger in underwear. Testicles cannot fall because the strap holds them up inside your underwear. Wearing this anti-gravity device only helps when a male model wears a garment made of thin fabric, like underwear.

cock ring

Some male models jokingly nickname this strap the "anti-gravity" device.

Male Strippers Wear Device and Get Partially Erect

Temporary penis enlargement is commonly used by male strippers during shows because girls in the audience generally give more tips to strippers with the biggest croteches. The DVD Raw, Exposed, Untold: Exposing The True World Of Exotic Male Dancing shows this.

Their "secret of the stage" is to get their penises partially erect off stage and wrap a tight strap around their penis and scrotum. Then they put on their bikini. The strap keeps blood from leaving the penis while they dance for the crowd.

For more secrets of the stripper stage, check out American Dancer - a documentary about male strippers.