Light Reflectors Darken Tans

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Light Reflectors are lightweight boards covered with reflective metallic material that are often used at outdoor photo shoots. A crew member stands a distance away from the model, holding a reflector board at a particular angle and reflects light from the sun onto the model.

Since some light reflectors are covered with golden reflective material, the sunlight that bounces off the boards takes on a gold color and darkens the skin when it shines on the model. Often gold reflectors can be used to make a model appear more tanned.

Main Source of Light During Bright Midday Sun

Light Reflectors are sometimes used as the main light source for the photo shoot. Light from the midday sun can be too bright and cause models to squint.

If the light reflected from the boards is the main source of light for the photo shoot, the person holding a reflector board has an important role in the photo shoot. Whomever holds the boards must stand at an exact position throughout the photo shoot to keep the amount of sunlight shining onto the model from changing, or the photographs can be incorrectly exposed and possibly ruined.

Temporary Changing Room

Light reflector boards can also be used as a makeshift changing room, since finding a private place for models to change clothes outdoors is often difficult. Two models can each hold together two light reflector boards lengthwise to form a box for a model to stand inside and undress.

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