Leg Muscle Posing

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Many muscular guys who have huge legs prefer to wear pants in photos. They wear jeans or long pants because because they are not confident on what type of shorts or underwear to wear. They do not want to look stupid in photos. If you are uncertain of what to wear, simply shoot a photo that only shows the bottom half of your body (cut off at the waist). Only the bottom half of your body is seen in these photos.

Showing Legs is Important for Full-body Poses

If a guy has large quads, he has a marketable asset that can help him get noticed by industry professionals above other guys. Your muscles are assets and legs are muscles. So why cover this asset with pants? Do not hide developed quads in photos: Show them off.

Legs are good to show in full body poses and tend to complement abs. Underwear modeling requires showing almost everything and no underwear industry professional wants to receive audition photos of a model wearing jeans.

Leg Position Important for Full-Body Poses

Symmetry is important in bodybuilding, but poses for photography can be different.

When shooting a full-body pose, spread your legs wide as possible, without making your legs appear awkward.

Next, your feet should not be parallel. Step forward 4-6 inches with one foot, then put more of your body weight on this forward foot. Depending on the flex, your other foot may not be carrying any of your body weight.

Now flex your quads while keeping your feet in the same spots. This will make a much more interesting leg pose.

Another tactic that makes your legs appear more defined is to bend your legs slightly at the knees so your legs are not locked and straight. Then flex your quads while your knees are not locked. This requires you to stress your leg muscles to keep yourself upright. You fool the camera into thinking your legs are straight but get a great pump in the quads.

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