Models Often Changing Clothes in Front of Others When On-Location

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

When a photo shoot is held indoors such as a locker room or photo studio, changing clothes is not a problem. If you are part of a photo shoot held outdoors, do not expect privacy when changing clothes. There is rarely a private place for male models to undress during outdoor photo shoots.

Like here, where Chris is undressing in the crew's van...

Or here where two models change outfits behind a wall.

Even if a restroom is nearby, there is also often not enough time available for models to leave the set.

Changing Clothes in Public

Some models find themselves nude in public when changing into underwear or clothes for their photo shoot. If nobody is around, undressing is not a problem. Yet, if bystanders have gathered at a shoot, changing clothes can get tricky.

Here Jody is holding a towel so Denis can change underwear at a busy public beach called Holiday Isle Beach Resort and Marina.

Female models have no problem going topless, like here where Jenna is changing swimsuits at an abandoned zoo in Florida.

Here Jody is changing in the bushes at a public beach.

Some photographers use a huge bag called a portable changing room, but this means another item crew must carry. Instead, if a male model needs to change clothing when bystanders are nearby, he can change inside light reflector boards - even if dozens of people are nearby.

Two people hold light reflector boards together to form a temporary box for the model to stand inside. A model can be completely naked inside this box because it blocks the view of bystanders.

To change outdoors, models must be confident and have the ability to say "what the heck." If you are confident, you can show girls on your campus by tooting your own horn by Creating a professional profile.