Departure Times for Photo Shoots Are Seldom Firm

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

When you are a model who will be part of an outdoor photo shoot, you will first show up at a rendezvous spot before heading to the photo location. All staff and models will meet at this rendezvous spot.

You will be given a firm time to arrive. But once you get to the rendezvous spot, be prepared to wait before leaving for the actual location where you will shoot your photos.

Time is Needed to Prepare Models

This is because staff must get the model ready before leaving for the outdoor location. This includes styling the model's hair and adding body makeup.

It is common for the crew to not be ready to leave for two hours or more!

For example, you may arrive at 2 p.m. but not actually step in front of the camera until 4 p.m.

[insert footage of stuckey explaining that shoots take hours.]

Here is Mike at the photographer's house at 4:45AM. Then we see he does not actually leave for his location until 5:25AM. This is because time is needed to prepare.

Here is Tommie getting ready for his shoot at 3:50PM. Then he is in the car and on the way to his location at 4:20PM.

Here is Matt when he arrived at the photographer's office at 5:19AM. Before leaving for the actual shoot location, Matt practiced poses in the photographer's office at 5:30AM. He arrives at the basketball court at 6 AM. Since it was still dark out at 6:30AM, the photographer had to use a flashlight to see the model's face so he could focus his camera. Actual picture-taking occured at 7:08 - almost two hours after arriving at the photographer's office.

Must Wait While Other Models Are Prepared

If the shoot involves multiple models, you also must wait while other models are prepared - even though you are ready.

So, when you are a model, be prepared to wait a lot during your shoot!

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