Men's Hair Styles

A versatile hair style is very important in the male modeling business and a professional hair stylist who understands the needs of male photography should be involved in deciding on any hair style. Longer hair offers more options during photo shoots, but any good hair style will do.

An important goal for preparing college guys for male model photography is achieving an ideal hairstyle. Based on our experiences, this has been a big challenge for college guys. A hair style is a fashion accessory you carry with you every day.

"In the months before photo shooting, I provide much information and suggestions for male models," our male model photographer said. "Versatile hair is more important than tans or even the condition of their bodies."

Men's Hair Styles are important because they have great impact on a man's "style" or "look." Therefore, it is essential that men and their hair stylist understand what will look appealing in photographs.

Low-Maintainence Hair Styles Can Hurt Modeling Careers

Many college men wear their hair very short because it is easily manageable. The drawback to male models with cropped hair is that their scalps often show up on film, and they are limited to one hairstyle. If you want to be a male model, you should not make decisions about your hair based on which hair salon in town is the cheapest or choose a hairstyle just because it requires the least amount of maintenance.

Choose a Hair Style That Allows Versatility

Longer hair is more versatile, allowing male models to adopt a style for every day and also enabling different looks with the help of hair stylists during photo shoots. Longer hair does not mean "long" hair. Don't get the wrong idea. We are not talking about "Tarzan" or "Fabio." A crew cut can often look great — each male model is special. Generally, male models should adopt hairstyles similar to prevailing trends.

"Male models sometimes are concerned because they think I want them to change their hair style or stop going to the hair stylist they have been using for years," our male model photographer said. "That's usually not the case - I just want longer length."

College guys should recognize what is popular. Stunning hair is an important part of creating a fantasy photograph," he said. Unfortunately, we cannot clearly state how your should style your hair in this article because every guy is different. A hair style that will work for one guy will not work for another.

Male Models should never make any drastic changes to their hair -- or any other aspect of themselves -- without consulting their agent or manager first. The worst thing to do is to show up in person with a drastically different hair style than your photos (which were submitted prior to your arrival) show.

For two stressful days prior to his photo shoot, a model named Mike spent much of his time attempting to dye his hair to an acceptable color for photos. Mike had visited a less experienced salon instead visiting our male model photographer's hair stylist and arrived in Florida with orange hair.