Men's Make-up

A male model does not use the type of "makeup" his girlfriend or mother uses such as rouge, foundation, or dark mascara. However, there are a few methods that guys can use to improve the facial appearance on film.

Makeup should be used on male models to subtly enhance features they already have and to disguise blemishes and imperfections. It is not wise to apply a lot of makeup or attempt to drastically change a male model's face with makeup.

Rule #1: Apply Very Little Makeup

The key to using makeup on males is to avoid applying too much of anything on a man's face. Makeup should not be noticeable to the human eye. You should only disguise zits with concealer and add a little powder with a brush to even-out skin tones.

Rule #2: Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

If you purchase makeup supplies, be sure to choose a shade that matches your skin tone. Makeup and concealer for women often has a pink underlying "base" color.

After applying makeup to your face, your face should not be a different color from your neck and chest. Your face should match your body. It is common to see a photo that shows a female model's face that is a different color than the rest of her body.

Choosing a shade that matches skin tones is as difficult as choosing colors to paint a house. When painting a house, you use paint chips at a Sears store. With makeup, you should consult a professional at an upscale department store beauty counter. An expert will match your skin color and tell you the name of the shade. Do not skip this step!

Spend more for quality products instead of buying a cheap brand. But, be aware that staff of beauty counters are motivated to sell you the most expensive product they can. You don't need the most expensive product! Ask for a cheaper powder and concealer with an identical shade as an expensive brand.

The first thing you should invest in is the Conair Chrome Double Sided 5x Lighted Makeup Mirror - which allows you to see your face much better than the average bathroom mirror. You will never miss an inch-long nose hair when you use this mirror.


Conair BE18LC Chrome Double Sided 5x Lighted Makeup Mirror

Buy Concealer to Cover Zits and Pimples

First, use concealer to cover pimples and imperfections. Add a very small drop of concealer to a Q-tip and add it over the red part of the zit, not over the entire face. Using a shade of concealer that matches your skin tone is crucial. Once again, it is better to add less concealer than risk making it noticeable in photos.

Spend around $20-30 on concealer. Since you will always blot on very little concealer on a pimple, one tube of concealer should last for a long time. A very good concealer is Yves Saint Laurent Radiant Touch Concealer.

Buy Translucent Powder & Brush to Eliminate Shine

Many photographers use translucent powder on male models' faces. Translucent powder takes away shine on skin and evens out skintones.

Concealer goes over zits and powder goes over concealer. The powder helps disguise the concealer.

You need a makeup brush to add the powder to your face. You dip the brush in the powder, then lightly tap the brush onto the side of the container. This makes excess powder fall off the brush. Very little powder should be on the brush when you brush it across your face.

It is difficult to take off powder if you add too much. So, add as little powder as possible. More can be added, if needed.

You should apply so little powder that if you went into a bar, the most macho dick in a bar would not notice you were wearing anything on your face. People should look at you and think, "He looks good today," but not know you have stuff on your face. Christian Dior Diorskin Loose Powder is a good translucent powder you can order from Amazon.

Expect to spend $15-30 on powder and $8 on a quality brush. Do not buy the cheapest brush because its hairs will come off on your face.

Profaces Loose Powder Translucent

Awapuhi Moisture Mist Blends in powder

Spraying Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Moisture Mist on the face will enliven the skin. You can order Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Instant Moisture Mist through Amazon.

How to Boost Color in Male Lips

Male models do not wear lipstick. Vaseline Lip Therapy can be applied to lips to boost their natural lip color and encourage light to reflect off lips. Do not apply too much. Cover the lips, but do not go beyond the edge of the lips.

Vaseline Lip Therapy can also be applied the day before a shoot to repair chapped or peeling lips.

Use Clear Mascara for Eyelashes

Mascara can be applied to eyelashes to help the camera "see" them. Mascara makes eyes "pop." Do not wear black mascara. Girls usually wear colored mascara, but men should buy clear mascara, which is sometimes difficult to locate. Max Factor is a brand of mascara that is sold at most local stores. It costs $4-6. be PROFESSIONAL Clear Mascara is a brand of mascara we suggest ordering through

Hair Gel on Eyebrows

Models who have thin eyebrows can make their eyebrows seem fuller by adding Murray's Pomade to their eyebrows. You can make them appear more bushy or straighten them. You can experiment by using a comb on your eyebrows.

Tweezing Eyebrows

Stray or very long eyebrow hairs near the temples should be shortened. Stray hairs and hairs in the middle of the two eyebrows should be tweezed. Unibrows are not good to have. However, do not over tweeze your eyebrows. Subtlty with all makeup tactics is key. If someone can tell you altered your eyebrows, you are taking off too much. We highy suggest you order the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Point Tweezer above other tweezers. They are worth the higher cost and work much better than cheap-o tweezers.

We have listed makeup products we think guys should buy. You can save time by ordering the recommended products shown on this page.

To wear makeup, a guy must be confident and have the ability to say "what the heck." If you are confident, you can show girls on your campus by tooting your own horn by Creating a professional profile. By Creating a professional profile provides you an opportunity to build a fanbase on the Internet.