Male Models Sometimes Endure Uncomfortable Poses, Dangerous Locations

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Surprisingly some male models who have worked with us endured physically demanding poses or dangerous locations for their photo shoots.

Dangerous but Beautiful Location

Craig Shemenski can tell you why to never use cheap nylon ropes to tie down hammocks. He was photographed laying in a hammock 25 feet above the rocky shoreline of Lake Erie. The location offered a scenic view of the lake. The nylon ropes used to secure the hammock above large bolders kept stretching from Craig's weight. The shoot had to be stopped repeatedly so the ropes could be adjusted. A hamock tied down with cheap rope was not the safest of conditions.

Show me the Glamour!

O’Shaunnesy Dam and the dirty waters of the Scioto River were chosen for photographs of Malcom and Steve MacLaren.

"There was this brown foamy raw sewage floating on the water and accumulating on rocks models were posing on," Sean said. "The models slid right off."

With the scent of poultry flowing through the air, a model was photographed at a University-owned chicken coop on Lane Avenue.

"People who saw the finished photos assumed they were photographed in an exotic locale," Sean said.

Building Roof With No Edge

The photo crew snuck onto the roof of the 24 story high college dorm, to capture its panoramic view of a stadium to photograph Brad Root.

"I was scared to death," Sean said. "I was worried that either the police were going to walk through the door or high winds were going to blow Brad off the building. The building had no wall at the edge of the roof - just a straight drop down 23 stories. To get a better angle. the photographer kept having the model walk backward, closer to the building's edge.

"Someone suggested tying a safety rope to his leg in case he tripped and fell off the edge."

Cramping from holding a pose for hours

For some photo shoots, male models move a lot -- choosing poses on their own. The photographer rapidly captures photos while the model continually poses with minimal direction from the photographer.

Some models hold still for long periods. For one model, holding still went to an extreme. He held still for more than four hours! Splattered head to toe with fluorescent acrylic paint, Mark Grogg lay waiting on the concrete floor of a male model photographer's studio until his photo shoot was finished. He could not move from his position because the paint strokes on his body had to match the paint strokes on the floor beneath him.

Starving to make your abs look good on film

Our cutting weight advice suggests male models not eat food three hours prior to their photo shoot. Models also deplete water from their bodies through cardio exercise prior to posing. A few male models collapsed from not eating all day and intense heat while posing on location in Key West. Brent and Brian suffered heat exhaustion and became unable to continue their photo shoots.