Too Many People at a Photo Shoot Can Make a Model Nervous

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

When you are a beginning model, it is normal to get nervous if you are unclothed at a photo shoot if other people are around.

Here is Denis, photographed in a garden in Key West. He has never modeled before.

Let's count how many people who are watching Denis' shoot. They serve no purpose by being there, and only make him nervous...

There are 2 guys...

A hair stylist - that's a 3rd person

There is a 4th

There are two more bystanders.

The guy with the light meter is a 7th person.

And finally an eighth person watching from the porch.

8 is too many people to be at a shoot. It creates a crowd scene and Denis here looks understandably nervous.

All that is really needed for this shoot is a photographer and a hair stylist.

Plus, this garden presented lighting problems. The palm leaves and foliage are certainly exotic and unusual, but there simply was not enough light to hold a shoot. Having 8 people nearby while trying to solve this lighting problem is distracting.

Plus, each person speaks up with ideas... Plus, trying to find a pose in this garden without looking cheesy was challenging. So the model must deal with being distracted by suggestions coming from everywhere. Here Jody is suggesting poses to Denis. A photo shoot is not a place for democracy. You need one leader to make firm decisions and keep the shoot organized.

So, if you are new to posing in underwear or being semi-nude, don't be afraid to ask for less people to be around. This is your time to... Clear the set!