Photo Locations Often Not Glamourous

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Fooling the viewer is common in photography. Although the background in a photo may look like a exotic location, the photo might ironically have been created at an ordinary or dirty spot.

Models should not expect the setting of their photo shoot to be glamorous in real life. This often means models must put on an "act" in front of the camera even though the settings is not exotic.

A resourceful photographer can make an abandoned building, parking lot or even a put-put golf course look exotic in photos. Here is Cory talking about how his photo shoot was done in a kitchen...

Here are more examples of good photos that were created in unglamorous settings:

Photo at Abandoned Factory

A photographer found an optimum location for photo shoots at the abandoned Columbus Auto Parts plant. The closed factory was littered with rusted metal, dilapidated buildings and lots of gritty surroundings that could be used as backgrounds for photos.

Male models felt comfortable posing nude there because the site also provided privacy since no bystanders were around. Incredible photos of Four male models were captured there. Nobody viewing the resulting photos could tell they were created at a condemned factory. A few months later, the photographer read a story in a newspaper announcing that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency had declared the site polluted with toxic chemicals.

Raw Sewage

O'Shaunnesy Dam and the dirty waters of the Scioto River were chosen for photographs of brothers Malcom and Steve.

There was this brown foamy raw sewage floating on the water. The models kept sliding off the rocks because they were slippery from the sewage.

Feces Filled Chicken Coops

With the scent of chicken feces flowing through the air, a model was photographed at a chicken coop. The chicken coops were Quonset with peeling paint that made an artistic look as a backdrop.

"People who saw the finished photos assumed they were photographed in an exotic locale," the photographer said.

Miniature Golf Course

One of Mark's photos was taken beside a highway in a man-made waterfall at "Fantasy Golf Fun Center". Mark simply posed in the flowing waterfall while golfers played nearby. The photographer positioned his camera so the game's windmills and obstacles were not visible through the camera lens. The resulting photos looked like they were taken at an exotic waterfall.

These photos were created at the side of a boat with two people holding a sheet as a backdrop behind the model.

The photo students upload when Creating a professional profile does not need to be made in a nice location either. Girls (who will later see your photo) prefer to see your face.