Being Undressed For First Time In Front Of The Camera

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Most college guys who visit us have never male modeled professionally. It is common for some college guys to worry about being photographed the first time. Faced with a new experience, you may not know what to expect. New male models often have apprehensions about wearing skimpy underwear, being naked or nearly naked in front of a camera. Likewise, being the only person undressed on the set can be unnerving.

During a Shoot, You Cannot See How You Look Through The Camera Lens

Males are typically visually oriented. Surprisingly though, new models worry more about looking fat and out of shape than being scantily clad or nude. During photo shoots, they want to see how they look. Unfortunately, when a guy poses, he cannot view himself to see how a pose, movement or smile looks from the camera's view. So, you don't know what you "look" like. If a model has seen the photographer's portfolio beforehand, the model should trust the photographer's judgment until after the shoot is finished.

Appearing Nervous Ruins Photos

A photographer can have an awesome location, the best outfits, hair and make-up, but the photo shoot can be ruined if the male model is uptight. Who finds a photograph of a male model who appears uncomfortable appealing? Male models who try to do everything perfectly and make their photo shoot perfect are fraught with nerves, making their experience difficult and missing out on loads of fun! Male models who adopt a "what the heck" attitude usually have an enjoyable experience, learn a lot about modeling and go on to be able to accept Model Jobs and they enjoy more successful modeling careers.

New Guys Learn Not to Be Conservative After Moving to in a Big City

Many college guys who begin modeling with a conservative attitude toward posing end up posing for the most provocative poses after they work in the modeling industry for a year or more. They learn how the business operates, get more comfortable appearing on film and showing off their bodies, and give up their small town ideas.

Guys Who Are Not Shy Beat Conservative Guys

Different guys think differently based on how they were raised. One guy might be the type who can talk an entire house party into skinny dipping. Other guys need every door locked and curtain closed before they can undress.

Some guys who have no shyness arrive at their first photo shoot and get naked within five minutes. Not an issue for them! Other guys need to get comfortable by posing for different photo sessions before they attempt to accept a real modeling job. They pose, then like the resulting photos.

Participating in a photo shoot provides you model training. Models become more comfortable posing and revealing their body after they pose for more and more photo shoots. It is very common for us to meet guys who are nervous during their first photo shoot only to find that they are often completely different - much more confident - during the second photo shoot. They gain trust for photographers' skills, methods and vision.

Be Highly Selective

The only thing you can do to protect yourself before your shoot is to be very choosy when selecting a photographer and examine the photographer's portfolio.

You will not be in perfect shape all your life, so flaunt it while you have it. "The sexy photograph you pose for now will serve as a record in years to come. It is something to keep forever! Just choose a quality photographer. Have fun and enjoy the fame!"

How to Avoid Being Nervous At Your Photo Shoot

  • You need Privacy: our male model photographer selects private locations and limits crew for his photo shoots. Being at a private location means the factors that may inhibit confidence are not around. It's easier to follow our male model photographer's advice: "If you got it, flaunt it!"

  • Read our advice on how to choose a quality photographer. For example, our photographer is motivated to make college guys look their best because he gains nothing from embarrassing them. The better you look on film, the more other college guys will want to work with him. Almost every male model he has photographed has been very satisfied - if not delighted - with the resulting photos they received!

  • Photographs cannot be published or exhibited without a signed model release. Don't sign a model release unless you know exactly what you are doing.

  • Be in a good mood during your photo shoot. Be rested, not nervous. If you worry exceedingly about your photo shoot, it may show on your face in the resulting photos and your time will be wasted.

  • Speak with the photographer about any concerns you have before the shoot. Don't wait until you are about to take off your clothes.

  • Examine why you are worried. Do you not think your body is not developed enough? Are you worried what others will think? Keep in mind, other guys are jealous of you.

  • Check out how top male models pose. It is common for experienced male models to bare a lot for photos these days. Look at posters in the poster section of Spencer's Gifts, or our male model photography books and our library of example photographs. Success comes to those who think BIG... not small town. So, give it a try.