Shaving Pubic Hair

When most guys trim pubic hair, they simply grab a razor and "shave" the pubic hair to the skin. For photo shoots, men should trim hair enough to leave stubble sticking out from the skin. Shaving completely to the skin can potentially ruin a photo shoot because some guys develop unsightly bumps caused by ingrown hairs when the hairs grow back.

Ingrown Hairs

When you shave pubic hair, the hairs begin growing back within 24 - 48 hours. Hair on some men can become ingrown, which produces nasty looking red bumps. Wearing underwear allows the camera to see your crotch area. However, inadvertently creating unsightly bumps defeats the purpose of wearing the underwear. Instead of looking sexy, these bumps make you appear to have an STD.

Bumps from shaving can wreck havoc on a photo shoot. Each and every bump must be covered with body makeup. The crew must stop and reapply makeup throughout the shoot because makeup rubs off on your underwear waistband as you move. The photo crew lacks extra time to repeatedly apply make-up to dozens of bumps.

For example, one male model shaved his pubic hair two days before his departing for a week-long photo shoot in Florida. He arrived with multiple red bumps on his inner thighs, and under his belly button near his waistband. He should of shortened his pubic hair. Then he arrived with multiple red bumps. The bumps did not disappear until the final day of the photo shoot.

Advantages to Trimming Pubic Hair

A large amount of pubic hair can make men's underwear bulge. Pubic hair can stick out from the top of underwear and from the sides where the nuts meet the inner thighs.

Tidying up public hair is a quick method of penis enlargement. Shortening pubic and ball hair helps make a model's penis and testicles more defined for the camera and anyone seeing you naked. Your penis looks bigger because the length of your penis is visible because pubic hair does not cover it. For example, college students who appear in Playgirl's Campus Hunks make their penis appear larger by shortening pubic hair. Instead of one big blotch of dark pubic hair, the camera sees a clearly visible penis and separate testicles.

Shaving all the hair off balls also makes the testicles much more visible to the camera.

Models posing nude also eliminate hair on their penis shaft, if any.

How to Trim Pubic Hair

For Pubic hair you wish to eliminate

Do not shave all the way to the skin. Use an electric trimmer or scissors to shorten the pubic hair, leaving stumble sticking out one eighth of an inch from the skin. The camera will not be able to see this short stubble.

Using electric trimmers with a blade guard is best for this. Blade guards are attachments that keep the cutting edge of the trimmers from touching the skin. Use a blade guard to take off the bulk of your pubic hair. Then carefully do a second round of trimming without the blade guard, to trim the hair down to one eighth of an inch.

For pubic hair you wish to shorten, but not eliminate:

Use your fingers to fluff public hair so it is not matted down to make shaving easier. Spread the fingers of one hand and slide your fingers through the public hair so the hair goes between your fingers and your palm rests on your skin. Keeping your hand in place, use scissors to cut off any hair that extends past the top of your fingers. This will assure that you keep about 3/4 inch of pubic hair.

Top Edge of Pubic Hair

Straighten the top edge of your pubic hairline under your navel, using electric trimmers. Remember, some hair should stick out from the skin. This will keep pubic hair from sticking out from the waistband of your underwear.

Hair on Inner Thighs

Thick hair on men's inner thighs that appears from under the sides of their briefs near the testicles usually looks unappealing. Thin out any unusually thick body hair on the inner thighs so it matches the density of hair on the outer thigh. Trim leaving 1/8 inch stubble. Trim hair on the inner thigh by lightly and quickly tapping the electric trimmers onto the thigh at a perpendicular angle until the hair thins out. Do not over cut hair or the inner thigh will appear unusually bare on camera when compared to the rest of the thigh.

Men's pubic hair should appear in the shape of a perfect inverted pyramid when trimming is finished. For body hair, follow these tips for shaving your body hair.

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