Shaving Men's Body Hair

How to shave men's pubic hair

Sometimes male models trim or shave body hair to prepare for a photo shoots. Shaving your body hair will allow the camera to see all the definition, size, symmetry, and proportion you worked so hard to develop. If a male model decide to alter body hair, he should do so before tanning, because hair blocks the rays from tanning the skin beneath. Shaving men's body hair should always be done before by tanning. Otherwise, the skin that was under hair will be a lighter color. Shaving after tanning creates tan lines.

Step One for Body Hair: Order This Special Shaver

We encourage guys to buy the Philips Bodygroom Shaver when seeking to shave body hair. It avoids the problem discussed in the next paragraph...

Beware: Do Not Shave All the way to The Skin

ingrown hair

Men should be careful when shaving their body, if they shave body or pubic hair completely off. Shaving down to the skin may develop ingrown hairs that appear unsightly and similar to pimples. They give the appearance of pimples or a nasty S.T.D. - which isn't attractive for photos! Instead, attach a use an electric trimmer to shorten the hair, leaving stumble sticking out one sixteenth of an inch from the skin. The camera will not be able to see this short stubble and you avoid the ingrown hair problem.

Shaving Chest Hair

Many male models ask if they should shave off the hair on their chests and abs. A cleanly shaven chest will make pectorals more visible and you will be able to better see the progress of your muscle-building efforts.

Patchy Chest Hair vs. Hairy Chests

If you have patchy chest hair, you may look better in photos with a smooth chest. If you have a hairy chest, keep it. Having an even and attractive hairy chest can be a valuable asset and allow you to look different from other male models. Diversity is a good marketing tool and our male model photographer does not want all male models to look the same. Some girls prefer male models with clean, smooth chests. Others love college guys with hairy chests!

Shaving Leg Hair

Male models have three options for leg hair. Quad muscles will be more visible on a shaved leg. If you have a heavy amount of hair on your legs, you can shorten the hairs to about 1/8 inch in length using electric trimmers with a blade guard. This gives hot male models a cleaner look without making legs look too coifed. Otherwise, if you keep your legs hairy -- you will look sexy too!

Shaving Back and Shoulder Hair

Shave off any hair on your back or shoulders, including single hairs that appear out of the ordinary.

Skin Condition

Some men have a condition where no hair grows on their ankles, tops of thighs or legs due to friction from socks or pants due to friction. This is common and can be made less noticeable by shortening the hair around the bare area or by shaving hair completely to the skin.

Special Shaver for Men's Body Hair

Philips created a new shaver for guys to shave body hair. The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Shaver has features especially for shaving body hair.

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