Mistake Guys Make When Building Muscle for photo shoots

By Shawn Petrovich of Totally Ripped of Los Angeles, which specializes in photography and video of fitness models.

Guys preparing for a photo shoot should be careful to avoid getting huge without definition. This has been a common problem with guys we have worked with in the past.

Guys get fanatical about "getting big" before their shoot. This can be good, but ignoring definition can keep you from looking good. Some college guys feel they have to "gain weight" before their body is photographed. While at times it may be helpful to “bulk up” to pack on some extra muscle mass, rest assured that no photographer will want to shoot a soft, bloated, and undefined physique. The guy who look best in film are always those with little body fat and more defined large muscles!

For example, we would hold a "practice photo session" with a guy in May. Then the guy who would leave campus for the Summer and would return for his "real" photo shoot in August. We would be surprised when he showed up with his body looking fat. The photos from his practice photo shoot looked 10 times better than the photos he prepared months for. It really messed up plans.

We suspect guys who "got fat" during the three months between their "practice photo shoot" and their "real photo shoot" were making the mistake of taking Steroids and eating like crazy - without the mandatory accompanying amount of weight training.

Bulking Up While Staying Cut

Bulking Up is great. Just make sure adequate time to get cut and develop definition is part of your plan. When working out, weight train to increase or maintain definition. Follow this workout plan if you wish to bulk up while staying lean.

Camera Needs Edges

The camera needs to "see" "cuts" and veins, not bulk. Muscularity provides lines in muscle a camera can record. Guys with the bigger, bulkier bodies without adequate definition appear "plump" on film. Defined muscles are needed for photography. A good model photographer can make a muscular, but lean guy look better than a 240 pound puffy bodybuilder!

Cutting Weight For a Photo Shoot

The good news is that during an on location photo shoot, male models usually lose water and cut water weight tremendously because they perspire from the heat. Since they did not to eat food three hours prior to their photo shoot to deplete water from their bodies through cardio exercise prior to posing, a few male models have collapsed from not eating all day and intense heat while posing on location. Brent and Brian suffered heat exhaustion and became unable to continue with their photo shoots. You can read a plan for cutting weight